An Expedition to Planet Earth

This a personal journey, one that will transform your perspective on the planet and your relationship to it. Antarctica21 is committed to creating the ideal Antarctic expedition, providing safe, convenient, comfortable access to a life-changing experience

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Antarctica21 pioneered air-cruise expeditions to Antarctica and we understand all the complexities of ensuring a smooth, safe, enjoyable adventure. Our team knows the region’s unique geography, natural history, wildlife, and ecology, and we love sharing our expertise with guests.

What’s more, this is our backyard. Our company was founded in Punta Arenas, the traditional gateway for the first Antarctic explorers, and it remains an ideal base of operations as we respond to our region’s changing conditions, constantly refining and enhancing our trips.

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Thanks to our A21 team and their service, Antarctica21 offers the most extensive suite of Antarctic air-cruises in the world. We are proud of this achievement and we continue to improve. As the leading boutique Antarctic tour operator, we are constantly striving to innovate and develop our environmentally-responsible expeditions to the White Continent.

NOTE: “NOVANTAR S.A.” is the Exclusive Worldwide Sales Agent for all Antarctica21-branded trips. All trip invoices are issued by NOVANTAR S.A.

Our expedition team in Antarctica


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Skip the Drake

Our quick flight takes you directly to Antarctica, where you then board your expedition ship. No stormy crossing. No seasickness. Just total immersion in your Antarctic adventure.


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Discover Antarctica

Our small expedition vessels are more like private yachts, offering direct access to areas along the Antarctic shore that larger ships simply can’t reach.

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Explore More

With fewer guests, you get on and off faster, so time ashore is focused where it should be: savoring every moment of a travel experience unlike any other.

The Antarctica21 Air-Cruise

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Cormorant birds in the Falklands, Photography by Rodrigo Moraga
Cormorant birds in the Falklands, Photography by Rodrigo Moraga

National Geographic - July 2022

Antarctica: an expert’s guide to making the most of your time

Remote though it is, Antarctica isn’t out of reach, even if you only have ten days or so to play with. Francesco Contini, a polar tourism expert, talks us through some of the key details that will enable travellers to make the most of their expedition experience.

Manfredi Gioacchini travels in Antarctica with Antarctica21


“Antarctica is breathtaking, and Antarctica 21 provides an over the top travel experience.”

J.W. , Traveler from USA

Tripadvisor, January 2020


“Antarctica is, without doubt, an amazing place. If you ever get a chance (or 5) to visit, do it. For our cruise, we went with Antarctica21 and it was a great experience.”

Michael, Traveler from USA

TripAdvisor, January 2020


“The Classic Antarctica air-cruise was amazing, thanks in part to our experienced and friendly guides. I especially enjoyed exploring alongside a bird naturalist, a marine mammals biologist, and a polar historian and explorer (who skied to both poles!)”

Mary, Traveler from USA

Tripadvisor, December 2019

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