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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Antarctica21 has been participating with the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators´ (IAATO) COVID-19 Steering Group and with the Chilean working group established by IAATO’s Antarctic Gateway Committee, investigating ways to reactivate Antarctic operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for the coming Antarctic seasons.

At the same time as we’ve been collaborating with IAATO, an internal A21 Health & Safety task force has been working tirelessly on developing new protocols for our expeditions, so our travelers can continue to experience Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands worry-free. We have been consulting with a number of professional partners, including the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP), the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), representatives of the gateway ports and airports, branches of the Chilean government, and others. We are moving forward in the development of a series of checkpoints that will help create a continuous layer of protection, building from one area to the next. Those checkpoints will include the following areas: At-home Guest Preparation, Pre-Departure Safeguards, Antarctic Flight Practices, Small-ship Cleaning Operations, Staff Safety Measures, Onboard Medical Team, Practices for Life Onboard, and Excursion Requirements.

Our goal at Antarctica21, as an operator of small ships, has always been to offer unforgettable wilderness expeditions to Antarctica and to do them safely while providing the utmost in hospitality and adventure to our guests. Today, this remains our goal.


Jamie Vasquez, president of Antarctica21


Jaime Vasquez, President of Antarctica21

Jaime Vasquez, President of Antarctica21

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