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Can penguins fly?

The short answer is no, but you can fly to Antarctica! The 7th Continent is one of the most isolated places on Earth, and specialized resources are needed to operate in the region.

At Antarctica21, we carefully and thoughtfully plan out all our expeditions. We secure the permits in advance, and we bring the aircraft and ships, with their crew and staff, to the region for the short Antarctic travel season during the Austral summer.

We pioneered the Antarctic fly-cruise program in 2003. We’ve operated hundreds of Antarctic flights over the Drake Passage alongside DAP Airlines, our official Antarctic flight partner with over 25 years of experience flying to Antarctica and Patagonia.

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Penguin feathers are:

Antarctic penguins mainly feed on:

The fastest penguins at underwater swimming are:

Why choose a flight to Antarctica?


Fly & Sail with Us

Since 2003, Antarctica21’s innovative approach to Antarctic air cruises has offered wilderness adventures that combine a 2-hour flight from Punta Arenas -in the <a href=””>Chilean Patagonia</a>- to the Antarctic peninsula. Here, our expedition vessel awaits guests for an incredible journey with a comfortable, quick, and intimate travel experience packed with adventure.

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