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Flexible Booking
& Cancellation Policy

Antarctica21 has a flexible booking policy in place for your Antarctica Air-Cruise adventure. Learn more here.

The 8 Defense Areas Of Antarctica21

Passengers should expect to participate in the health and safety of their expedition cruise. It is important to travel only if you are healthy and without signs of Covid-19. Also, before you travel you should try to avoid contact with large groups of people and take precautions with your health and cleanliness practices. The following are a series of steps you must take to cruise with us. 

  • Passengers who suffer from certain underlying medical conditions are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19, as stated in CDC and ECDC guidance (see xxx and yyy). A21 recommends travelers to check with their Doctor whether they fall in such categories and suggests to  voluntarily renounce traveling for the sake of their own safety should they be part of a vulnerable category. Any deposit paid for the reservation will be refunded.
  • Passengers older than 74 years of age are not admitted to travel in 2020-21 Antarctic season.  
  • All passengers who have booked a trip must fill the Participation Form at xxx and report their health condition in full honesty.  Forms will be submitted to A21 medical team, who will evaluate if the passenger is medically fit-to-travel. Additional information or a medical certificate may be required. Passengers who will not be considered fit to travel will be reimburse any deposit paid so far. 
  • Passengers shall understand and acknowledge travel and cruise information and possible risks and uncertainties they could undergo while taking part in the journey. Passengers must accept A21 policies stated in the Terms and Conditions of travel.
  • Passengers must purchase a travel insurance covering from Covid-19 occurrences, including but not limited to denial to enter the country or region of embarkation, denial to boarding,  quarantine requirements either on land or on board, isolation due to suspected or confirmed contagion, and any other occurrence related to Covid-19. Medical evacuation from Antarctica, medical attention services and return to home must be included in the coverage that shall be applicable for pre-existing medical conditions and Covid-19 related incidents. 
  • Passengers must follow pre-departure preparation protocols such as self-quarantine and self- reporting, as applicable at a closer time to travel.
  • Testing for Covid-19 will be informed to passengers on a closer date before leaving home.
  • Passengers must be alert to latest updates that A21 will send shortly before leaving home regarding travel to Chile or Argentina, transit to embarkation city and latest travel information.
  • Signing an affidavit at arrival in Chile or Argentina as well as compliance with other requirements by Chilean or Argentinian authorities should be considered.

Our partners in Punta Arenas are constantly working together with the Chilean Health Department in drafting sanitary protocols, reinforcing hygiene and safety standards and incorporating the recommendations of local and national authorities. Along with that, we ask that our travelers follow the pre-departure requirements highlighted here. 


  • Land transportation providers have established sanitization protocols applicable for their vehicles including thorough cleaning and disinfection after each service. Drivers will be using personal protection elements (PPEs) during service and luggage handling.
  • The hotel in Punta Arenas will adapt their facilities and operational processes in order to provide a clean and safe environment for their guests. Physical distancing and hygiene practices as well as the use of personal protection elements (PPEs) will be enforced among hotel personnel. Frequency of cleaning and disinfection in housekeeping will be maintained according to the highest hygiene standards and in accordance to health authority regulations. 
  • Diners at restaurants and bars will be subject to specific protocols applicable at the time of arrival.


  • Travelers should practice social distancing and wear their masks in all public places where there are crowds. Sanitize after entering and exiting hotel buildings, restaurants, guest rooms, etc.
  • Travelers should limit themselves to close socialization with their travel companions. If socialization occurs with other parties maintain 6ft/3mt of distance. 
  • Before participating in any Antarctic21 pre-departure activities, ensure that you are healthy and without Covid-19 symptoms. If you have any symptoms, advise one of the Antarctica21 staff members immediately.

Antarctica21´s flights are offered by DAP airlines, which has been our partner since 2003. The company has implemented a range of prevention protocols allowing it to perform a safe and enjoyable flight in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority recommendations. 


  • Check-in and boarding will be conducted in a protected environment in Punta Arenas airport. 
  • Ventilations systems on the aircraft will be adapted in order to grant a clean air circulation during the flight allowing to minimize requirements for social distancing.
  • Luggage will be sanitized at Punta Arenas airport before embarking the flight. 
  • All airplane crew will use PPEs at all times. 
  • The plane will be sanitized before each flight as well as during turnarounds at Frei Station in Antarctica.


  • Before boarding your Antarctica flight ensure that you are healthy and without Covid-19 Symptoms. If you have symptoms, report them to Antarctica21 staff members immediately.
  • Travelers will wear their health mask throughout the flight to Antarctica and practice good hygiene while onboard. Travelers can carry their health kit with them on the plane. 
  • Travelers will adhere to Antarctica21 rules and procedures for a healthy flight. 

Our goal is to provide a healthy environment aboard our ship. By ensuring that our staff and travelers pre-trip have done everything in our power to board healthy we then have to consider the cleanliness procedures of the health of our vessel. The following is a list of protocols that we will follow to ensure that your experience on the Magellan Explorer with us is worry-free. 

Social Distancing Onboard 

  • Our small ships have the advantage of being less crowded by nature. Our Spacious panoramic public areas allow for comfortable seating according to social distancing requirements.
  • The majority of  cabins have private balconies allowing full enjoyment of the trip while granting privacy and protection from crowding.
  • Wide outer hallways and easily accessible decks for optimal wildlife viewing.
  • Open bridge policy may be suspended to reduce risks related with exposure to contagion for bridge navigation officers.
  • The use of PPE such as face masks may be required when unable to maintain social distance.

Air and Water Quality

  •  Vessel air handlers are equipped with both UV and HEPA filtration systems allowing to purify and sanitize the air inside the entire ship.
  •  Dedicated cabins are fully equipped with independent HVAC service for isolation.
  • Freshwater production and supply is equipped with UV filtration system allowing to sanitise all the freshwater on board (including showers, sinks, toilets, etc.).

Cleanliness Protocol

  •  A designated sanitation team and Covid-19 sanitation protocols will be in place.
  •  Disembarkation areas will be sanitized between groups and between excursions.
  •  All common areas, with particular care for high-touch points, will be thoroughly and regularly sanitized according to the most updated international protocols.
  •  In addition to daily cleaning, all cabins will be deep-cleaned and sanitized between cruises.
  •  All luggages and storage areas will be disinfected prior to loading.
  • Antarctica21 will have xx number of isolation cabins in case there is a need to quarantine any staff or guests onboard the ship during an expedition. 


  • Travelers onboard our ships will adhere to the new health and safety guidelines to help maintain a safe environment onboard. This includes following the protocols for the dining area as well as any social distancing measures that are in place for other public areas of the ship. 

All of our staff will be required to follow strict guidelines for working onboard our ships. From before boarding to their own life onboard, our staff and crew will be diligent in maintaining a healthy ship environment. 


  • All crew and staff is trained for prevention and response to Covid-19.
  • All crew and staff is selected according to strict sanitary and medical vetting.
  • All crew and staff will follow self-quarantine protocols and will be tested for Covid-19 before joining the vessel.
  • All crew & staff will be periodically tested for Covid-19 during operations.
  • A comprehensive system of preventive measures will be in place on board to shield different groups of crew & staff from getting in contact with the virus.


  • The staff and crew are responsible for the enjoyment, health and safety of your trip. It is the travelers responsibility to adhere to the guidelines, rules and regulations that the staff and crew help enforce onboard our aircraft and ships. We appreciate your willingness to and patience while we all work together to ensure the health and safety of our expeditions. 

Travel to Antarctica and any of our other destinations comes with the understanding that there is no major hospital or health center in these remote and isolated areas of the world. That said, the Ship’s Clinic underwent careful revision and is now outfitted with the necessary equipment to support limited onboard emergency treatment of persons with COVID-like symptoms. 


  • During an Air-Cruise with Antarctica21 there is always a trained medical doctor aboard. 
  • Vessels Senior Officers are provided with Person-In-Charge Medical Training. 
  • In addition an extra Hotel Crew Member with Nursing Training will be carried to assist in various onboard functions.
  • 24/7 on call service from Medical Contractor’s shore based team to support Ship’s Doctor.
  • Availability of stocks of PPE in case of need.


  • Travelers should immediately communicate any symptoms of illness to the medical team, making a crucial collaboration to ensure health on board the ship.
  • Travelers should ensure their travel includes Covid-19 coverage. (Antarctica21 requires all passengers to carry extensive travel insurance for our trips that also includes evaluation from Antarctica. Please double-check what is required for insurance with one of our sales agents.) 

Our main goal for our travelers is to ensure you have an adventure of a lifetime. Our healthy practices for life onboard help ensure this goal is achievable. With everyone following the procedures, protocols and guidelines – we will have a healthy ship that allows us to focus on you enjoying your Antarctic expedition. 


  • The onboard dining area will provide socially distanced dining areas. Passengers will be seated with spacing and staff will wear gloves and masks while serving food. The breakfast buffet offering will be served by the crew along the food and beverage stations. 
  • The educational lectures and informational sessions by our expedition crews will be carried out in our xx lounge. Social distancing norms will be in place and there will be maximum capacity for lectures that will be posted. 
  • Antarctica21 staff will organize daily temperature checks for all the guests. These will occur in the morning as our travelers make their way to the dining room for breakfast. 
  • Sanitizing spray dispensers in every cabin and common areas of the ship.


  • Physical distancing will be a requirement while in common areas between guests not sharing a cabin.
  • During your entire trip you should monitor your health and that you are without Covid-19 Symptoms. If you have symptoms, report them to Antarctica21 staff immediately.

Our excursions to Antarctica provide guests with once-in-a-lifetime adventures and we work to build a bridge between the destination and the traveler themselves so they can get the most out of their experience while they will us. To ensure we can continue to provide a relaxed and safe environment for excursions, we will follow the following steps.

  • For disembarkation our travelers will be organized into groups with enough time separation allowing sanitation and space, creating an easy-going and calm environment. 
  • The check-in/check-out system will be contactless.
  • Boat shuttles to shore and exploratory cruises will be managed in accordance to IAATO guidance. Number of guests may be reduced to eight or fewer persons per zodiac according to distancing recommendations at the time of travel..
  • PPE such as face covers may be required at the landing site and onboard small boats according to best recommended practices.
  • Shore excursions will be conducted with the usual high passenger/staff ratio, one of the highest in the industry. A21 Staff will provide different options for guests to take in the full Antarctic experience and connect to the place. 
  • Small boats & equipment are sanitized between excursions.
  • Adventure activities will be adapted to assure guests wellbeing – sea-kayaking will be suspended during 2020-21 season,  while snowshoeing outings will still be offered to active clients. 
  • Strict decontamination guidelines will be maintained to preserve the Antarctic environment from the introduction and transportation of any alien or non-indigenous organism.

Questions regarding health & safety?

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